9x19 Seale Parallel Core Elevator Rope

9x19 Seale Parallel Core Elevator Rope
Construction: 9x19 S Nine strands, each in Seale construction 1-9-9
Core: PWRC 9x7-WSC - The core is made of 9 strands in (1-6) construction around a center strand in Warrington construction (1-6-6+6). The core is closed together with the strands of the rope in one parallel lay operation.
 Finish: U Uncoated (bright)
(extra high strength)
Dual tensile, outer wires: 1570 N/mm², inner wires 1770 N/mm².
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
Diameter Range:   10 to 16 mm (3/8" to 5/8 ").
Properties & applications:
Elevator rope. The parallel closed steel core maximizes the metallic cross section and also improves the fatigue resistance of the rope because it reduces the internal contact pressure between the outer strands and the core. The breaking force is significantly higher than traditional constructions or combined core ropes. Used on traction drive elevators, especially on high rise installations, high speeds or where the ropes pass over many deflection sheaves. Parallel closed ropes are sensitive to externally induced torque. During installation care should be taken to avoid twisting the ropes or letting the ropes untwist under their own weight while they hang freely.
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