8x19 Warrington Steel Core Elevator

8x19 Warrington Steel Core Elevator
Construction: 8x19 W Eight strands, each in Warrington construction 1-6-6+6
Core: IWRC 8x7-WSC - Independent wire rope core made of 8 strands in (1-6) construction closed around a center strand in Warrington construction (1-6-6+6).
 Finish: U Uncoated (bright)
(extra high strength)
Dual tensile, outer wires: 1570 N/mm², inner wires 1770 N/mm².
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
Diameter Range:   8 to 19 mm (5/16" to ¾ ").
Properties & applications:
Elevator rope. The addition of steel strands to the core increases the metallic cross section and so increases the breaking force and decreases the elastic elongation (stretch) of the rope under load. Similar to ropes with combined core but with higher breaking force and lower elongation. Used on traction drive elevators, especially on high rise installations, high speeds or where the ropes pass over many deflection sheaves.
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