6x41 Warrington Seale

6x41 Warrington Seale
Construction: 6x41 WS Six strands, each in Warrington-Seale construction 1-8-8+8-16
Core: FC Fiber Core
    NFC Natural Fiber Core
    SFC Man made Fiber Core
  SC Steel Core
      WSC Wire strand Core (normally up to 12 mm - ½")
    IWRC Independent Wire Rope Core (normally above to 12 mm - ½")
 Finish: B Zinc coated, Quality B
  U Uncoated (bright)
 Grade: 1770 1770 N/mm2 (IPS)
  1960 1960 N/mm2 (EIPS)
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
  zS Left ordinary lay (Left regular lay)
  zZ Right Lang lay
  sS Left Lang lay
Diameter Range:   10 to 44 mm (3/8" to 1¾")
Properties & applications:
Very flexible construction, Very good fatigue resistance. Used for winches, hoists and similar applications where the rope runs on multiple sheaves. Suitable for applications in which rope life is affected mostly by fatigue.
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