6x25 Filler

6x25 Filler
Construction: 6x25 F Six strands, each in Filler construction 1-6-6F-12
Core: FC Fiber Core
    NFC Natural Fiber Core
    SFC Man made Fiber Core
  SC Steel Core
      WSC Wire strand Core (normally up to 12 mm - ½")
    IWRC Independent Wire Rope Core (normally above to 12 mm - ½")
 Finish: B Zinc coated, Quality B
  U Uncoated (bright)
 Grade: 1770 1770 N/mm2 (IPS)
  1960 1960 N/mm2 (EIPS)
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
  zS Left ordinary lay (Left regular lay)
  zZ Right Lang lay
  sS Left Lang lay
Diameter Range:   8 to 38 mm (5/16" to 1½")
Properties & applications:
Medium flexibility, fair abrasion resistance, fair resistance to corrosion.
Used for static applications, winches, hoists and applications in which rope life depends mostly on wear & abrasion.
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