35x7 Rotex Plus Rotation resistant

35x7 Rotex Plus Rotation resistant
Construction: 35(W)x7 Multiple layer rotation resistant rope. Closed in two operations, 18 strands around a wire strand core closed in parallel lay Warrington construction (1-6-6+6) in one direction and another 16 strands closed in the opposite direction. Strand construction is 1-6
Core: WSC Wire Strand Core
 Finish: B Zinc coated, Quality B
  U Uncoated (bright)
 Grade: 1960 1960 N/mm2 (IPS)
  2160 2160 N/mm2 (EIPS)
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
  zS Left ordinary lay (Left regular lay)
  zZ Right Lang lay
  sS Left Lang lay
Diameter Range:   8 to 22 mm (5/16" to 7/8")
Properties & applications:
Highly flexible rotation resistant rope with high breaking force and very low torque factor. The most common use is for tower cranes, especially when the rope length is very long. Used also for hoisting applications with 1:1 reeving or multiple reeving with greater height.
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