18x19 MasterForm Rotation resistant

18x19 MasterForm Rotation resistant
Construction: 18xK19 Two layers rotation resistant rope made of MasterForm compacted strands . Closed in two operations, 6 strands around a wire strand core in one direction and another 12 strands closed in the opposite direction. Strand construction is 1/9/9 Seale
Core: WSC Wire Strand Core, 1/9/9 Seale
 Finish: U Uncoated (bright)
  B Zinc coated, Quality B
 Grade: 1960 1960 N/mm2 (IPS)
Lay: sZ Right ordinary lay (Right regular lay)
  zS Left ordinary lay (Left regular lay)
  zZ Right Lang lay
  sS Left Lang lay
Diameter Range:   13 to 36 mm (½" to 13/8")
Properties & applications:
Used on mobile cranes and tower cranes. Used also for hoisting applications with 1:1 reeving or multiple reeving with greater height. Much more flexible than 18x7 MasterForm ™.
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