Products range

  • Elevator wire ropes - Our range of elevator ropes includes all "traditional" constructions such as 6x19 Seale, 6x19 Warrington, 8x19 Seale, 8x19 Warrington and also the more modern high performance ropes with combined steel & polypropylene cores, full steel cores, parallel laid steel cores and compacted strands MasterForm™ ropes. These ropes are made according to imperial units (inch, lbs.) or metric units (mm, kg) to best suit their intended markets.
  •  MasterForm™ - Compacted strands wire ropes - Wire ropes made of compacted strands for general applications, hoists, cranes etc. Ropes with 6 or 8 strands in Seale or Warrington -Seale constructions, Multi-layer rotation resistant ropes, elevator ropes, ropes for mechanical scaffolds and friction hoists.
  • Non-rotating wire ropes - Ranging from the simple and reliable 18x7 to the high performance 35xK7 MasterForm™ multi-layer ropes.
  •  Wire ropes for mechanical scaffolds and hoists -These ropes are made in different constructions, with 4, 5 or 6 strands. They are made according to our specifications to meet the very special requirements for these applications.
  • General purpose wire ropes - Manufactured in all the common constructions such as Seale, Warrington, Filler, Warrington-Seale. Diameters up to 44 mm (1¾"), different steel grades and finishes.